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Dávid Karnok akarnokd at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 12:48:25 EDT 2016

Hi Doug and thanks for the reply.

I wish I could offer a better sentence but I'm always struggling with
explaining such things in our javadocs as well. All I can suggest is to
have the unbounded example before the bounded example so people really
needing bounded tips can continue reading while most people can stop at the
unbounded example.

2016-09-24 18:23 GMT+02:00 Doug Lea <dl at cs.oswego.edu>:

> On 09/24/2016 10:08 AM, Dávid Karnok wrote:
>> Given a synchronous end-consumer Flow.Subscriber of a Flow.Publisher,
>> generally
>> there is no reason to request in parts/batches and almost all should be
>> able to
>> request Long.MAX_VALUE at the beginning.
> The UnboundedSubscriber code example shows this usage, prefaced with
> "...when flow control is never needed, a subscriber may initially request
> an effectively unbounded number of items..."
> Suggestions for improving that sentence would be welcome. But
> I'm not sure we can/should say anything in top-level specs
> about the situations in which "flow control is never needed".
> Even some synchronous cases might use buffering.
> -Doug
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