[concurrency-interest] The code example in onSpinWait() Javadoc

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I agree that Javadoc code shouldn't be a tutorial - that is why I also
proposed to delete the example completely. But I think the current example
is a little bit of anti-tutorial. To cite Josh Bloch - "Example code should
be exemplary. If an API is used widely, its examples will be the archetypes
for thousands of programs. Any mistakes will come back to haunt you a
thousand fold."

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> On 11/15/19 1:31 PM, Alex Otenko via Concurrency-interest wrote:
> > I am not arguing. I want to see justification for wanting something that
> > looks like a solution to an intractable problem.
> >
> > I see onSpinWait as an indicator to the JVM that it can do something
> > useful, like possibly help FJP make some progress. I can't see how a time
> > bound can be enforced there.
> But that is not what "onSpinWait" means, that is what "yield" means.
> The idea of "onSpinWait" is to reduce latency in spin loops, where
> latency is measured in tens of nanoseconds. "onSpinWait" is not
> supposed to free the processor to do something else.
> I don't think there's anything much wrong with the example in the Javadoc,
> and the Javadoc is not supposed to be a tutorial.
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