Alex Pantaleev's CSC322: Systems Programming

Welcome to the home page for CSC322. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to enduring concepts underlying computer systems from the programmer's perspective. You will be on the path to become power programmers (i.e., you will know how things work and how to fix them when they break) after completing the course successfully.

The highest-level language that the course uses is C. We will spend the first two weeks of the semester on it. You will be expected to learn it very quickly.

You must check your email accounts regularly, because I will send course messages over email. You must also check this web site at least once a week.

The textbook for the course is Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective by Randal Bryant and David O'Hallaron. The book is required. It is an excellent book and we'll use it exclusively and extensively.

This is a heavy programming course. If you do not feel confident in your programming abilities, please drop now and retake the course when you do. The class will not wait for students who only cover the prerequisites on paper.

This course requires you to be familiar with the Unix console. You will be expected to write code in a terminal-based text editor on a regular basis. The available editors are vi/vim, nano/pico, and emacs.

The best way to contact me is via email. My email address is . I do reply very quickly. Of course, you can also come to my office in Shineman 441 if you prefer personal communication.