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Part of the accompanying materials for a presentation to the Twisted Stitches of Central New York Knitting Guild, by Esther Smith Bozak on December 6, 1997.

Mosaic knitting patterns were first identified and categorized by Barbara G. Walker in the late 1960's. She is credited with coining the term as well as collecting, designing, and exploring the possibilities of the knitting technique. Hundreds of patterns, mostly in chart form, appear in many of her books. Today's knitters are enjoying a renewed interest in mosaic knitting, as seen in the Fall 1997 issue of Interweave Knits and by the reprint of Ms. Walker's Mosaic Knitting by School house Press, for example. Don't overlook older pattern stitch dictionaries; mosaic patterns can be found in many of these volumes, although they are usually not labeled as "mosaics." Instead, look through the slip stitch patterns sections for patterns which follow the principles and rules of mosaic knitting.

As defined by Ms. Walker, "[m]osaic patterns are slip-stitch designs in two color. Two different strands are used, one at a time. They are changed at the beginning of each right-side row. So a mosaic pattern is made by working one right-side row and one wrong-side row with Color A, then dropping Color A at the right-hand edge. picking up Color B, and working the next two rows with Color B -- and so on...The two primary principles of mosaic patterns are: (1) every slip-stitch is slipped with yarn in back on all right-side rows, and with yarn in front on all wrong side rows (that is, with the yarn held always to the wrong side.; (2) every wrong-side row is just like the preceding right-side row, with the same stitch being worked, and the same stitch being slipped." (Walker1, p. 185)

Mosaic patterns are generally presented in chart form. These charts are fundamentally different from other charted colorwork. That is, they are not worked in the same manner as other charts with which knitters might be familiar. There are only a few basic rules to using mosaic pattern charts; the reader is referred to any of the references (especially those by Ms. Walker) listed below for detailed discussions of these rules.


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