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Approx 1110 yards of light weight DK yarn
#5 (3 3/4 mm) DP needles or to obtain gauge of 6 sts/1"

Cast on 100 sts. (32-32-36). Join. K 2, P 2, for 5". Then, K 2, P
2, for 24 sts. and place these sts. on a holder for the face.
Work 4 rows in stockinette stitch on remaining 76 sts.

5th Row: K 10 sts., place remaining 66 sts. on a spare needle.
Work in stockinette st. for 25 rows on these 10 sts. Then place
stitches on a holder. Then, K 56 sts. and on remaining 10 sts.,
work the same as for the first 10 sts.  for 25 rows and place on
a holder (ending with a K row). Work remaining center 56 sts. for
25 rows, ending with a K row. Pick up all 76 sts. and work 28
rows in stockinette. Now turn as for heel of sock.
Beg. on P row, P 49 sts., P 2 tog, turn. Next row, * K 25 sts, K
2 tog, turn, P 25, P 2 tog, Turn. Repeat from * until all sts are
worked on the needle (26 sts.). K 26 sts. and pick up 29 sts. for
right side of face, and place 24 chin sts on needle. (K2, P2 for
chin). Then pick up 29 sts for left side of face (108 sts.). K 2,
P 2, on these 108 sts. for 12 rows. Bind off in ribbing.

EAR FLAPS: With helmet facing you, on the nearest side of the
right ear slit, pick up 18 sts. and K in stockinette for 20 rows.
Bind off.

Knit other ear hold slip to correspond.
            /                l   l
          /      ____________l   l
        l      /             l   l  <-----------outside ribbing
        l    /               l   l
        l                   /   /
        l          ---     l   l
        l Ear Flap l l     l   l
        l  ----->  l l     l   l
        l          l_l    l   l
        l                  l   l
        l                   \  \
        l                     \  \
          \ _________________ \ _l
            \ l l l l l l l l /
             ll l l l l l l /
             ll l l l l l ll <--------------neck ribbing        
             ll l l l l l ll
             ll l l l l l ll

This pattern was adapted from  Bernat's Handicrafter (Vol. XIII,
No. 3): WARTIME HANDKNITS. Copyright 1942, Emile Bernat & Sons
Co., Jamaica Plain, MA, USA

Esther S. Bozak
URL: http://www.cs.oswego.edu/~ebozak/knit/troop-knitting/bernat/helmet2.html