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Approx 1500 yards of light weight DK yarn
Knitting Needles: One pr. #4 (3  mm) needles or to obtain gauge
GAUGE: 6 sts = 1", 9 rows = 1"

PATTERN STITCH: K 2, * bring yarn to front of needle, slip 1 as
if to P, K1, K2 tog., repeat from * across row, ending K 2.
Repeat this row throughout.

Cast on 60 sts. Work in pattern until scarf measure 46". Bind

FRINGE: Wind yarn around a 4" cardbard 6 times and cut at one
end. Insert crochet hook through scarf edge and draw center of
strands through. Pass ends through loop and tie firmly. Place
fringe at even intervals (about every 3rd stitch) across edges

This pattern was adapted from  Bernat's Handicrafter (Vol. XIII,
No. 3): WARTIME HANDKNITS. Copyright 1942, Emile Bernat & Sons
Co., Jamaica Plain, MA, USA

Esther S. Bozak
URL: http://www.cs.oswego.edu/~ebozak/knit/troop-knitting/bernat/scarf2.html