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Approx 750 yards of light weight DK yarn
#3 (3 1/4 mm) DP needles or to obtain gauge of 6.5 sts/1"

Cast on 140 sts. and, knitting back and forth, work as follows:
1st row: K1, P1.
2nd row: P1, K1.
Repeat these two rows twice, making a total of 6 rows, Put sts on
3 needles. (Put 46 sts on the 1st two needles and 48 sts on the
3rd needle) and K1, P1 for 12". K plain, without ribbing, for 1".

Break yarn, leaving about 12", and draw thread through all sts.
Gather as tightly as possible, then sew firmly together to make a
pleated effect and firmly close opening.  Sew first in one
direction and then in the other direction before finishing off.
Sew together strip at border.

This pattern was adapted from  Bernat's Handicrafter (Vol. XIII,
No. 3): WARTIME HANDKNITS. Copyright 1942, Emile Bernat & Sons
Co., Jamaica Plain, MA, USA

Esther S. Bozak
URL: http://www.cs.oswego.edu/~ebozak/knit/troop-knitting/bernat/watchcap.html