Second Undergraduate degree

The exact process a prospective student should follow isn't exactly spelled out, but see this page of the catalog .

It is believed that the steps to be taken are somthing like this:

  1. You apply at the Office of Admissions
  2. You have a transcript sent to Admissions
  3. You ask Admissions to send a copy of your transcript to the Computer Science Department
  4. Admissions will give you a form that Computer Science has to sign that okays student's entrance into the program (that's why a transcript is needed - to make sure the student hasn't taken too many courses related to the major)
    (The form could be this one. They seem to change now and then.)
  5. Computer Science creates another document that lists a course of action (see templates below)
  6. You take documents to the Dean for signatures

You can do most of this by e-mail/mail or in person.

Templates for "plan of study" required by the Dean's office.

These templates are problematic for the administration. New ones will be created.
Oftentimes, the administration provides the student with a generic blank form.