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2011/10/3 Doug Lea <dl at cs.oswego.edu>

> On 10/03/11 09:34, √iktor Ҡlang wrote:
>  I'd love to be able to specify a Comparator in the constructor so that
>> conditional remove doesn't rely on reference-equality or .equals (since
>> oftentimes I cannot overload it)
> One reasonable way to do this interacts with a decision
> I keep flip-flopping on because people make good cases for
> all three of the possibilities: What should the map do when
> either a mapper or remapper function returns null?

TBH I think they need to be symmetrical to put(key, null), no?

> The possibilities are:
>  1. treat it as a user error, so throw NullPointerException
>  2. treat it as a (re)mapping failure, so ignore the outcome
>  3. treat it as a removal
> I originally did (2), but arguments that (1) was a safer
> option led me to change to it in latest update. But yours
> is another of several use cases that make (3) more
> attractive -- on the plus side, it allows atomic removal
> (that you could use in the above case).
> But on the minus side it might lead to unintentional
> atomic removal.
> Further arguments welcome.
> -Doug

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