[concurrency-interest] ForkJoinPool for async http calls?

Zhong Yu zhong.j.yu at gmail.com
Thu May 10 16:52:55 EDT 2012

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 1:37 PM, Roland Kuhn <rk at rkuhn.info> wrote:

> Explanation: the flow-block will be transformed by the compiler into continuation-passing style around resultFuture(), effectively breaking it up so that at this point execution is suspended until the result of the future is ready. Imperative coding style, asynchronous execution, profit.

while that is super cool, it is not as simple and elegant as thread:)

the reason we do these async stuff is because threads are "expensive".
but why are threads expensive?

> Simplicity and elegance are unpopular because they require hard work and discipline to achieve and education to be appreciated.
>  -- Dijkstra

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