[concurrency-interest] Class striped/ordered Thread Pool

Aleksey Shipilev aleksey.shipilev at gmail.com
Sat May 12 07:55:14 EDT 2012

On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 2:09 PM, √iktor Ҡlang <viktor.klang at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here's an implementation I threw together (haven't been tested yet so YMMV)
> that should make any Executor into a striped one, for every runnable that is
> put in there which is Striped.
> https://gist.github.com/2665603

Neat trick, but it is prone to memory leaks. You will have to protect
yourself from multiple stripe classes come and go, that is, there is a
garbage buildup in $stripes map, if some stripes are not being used
(from some point, forever). Getting that right in race-free manner is


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