[concurrency-interest] Class striped/ordered Thread Pool

Andrew Trumper andrew at intelerad.com
Wed May 16 10:21:46 EDT 2012

On 05/16/2012 04:16 AM, Dr Heinz M. Kabutz wrote:
> 2. I've got a nice solution utilizing the SerialExecutor approach,
> however, as Joe mentioned, shutdown is particularly challenging.  I'm
> still trying to solve that, but it is not easy.

I'm not sure I understand the "shutdown problem".. What's the issue?

> 3. Another challenge, also mentioned already in this thread, is that we
> need to carefully manage the map so that we do not get a memory leak.
> The solution I'm trying now is to delete the SerialExecutor from the map
> whenever it is empty.  This might create a lot of objects, but at least
> we don't have to worry about a memory leak.

Or you can queue a runnable on that serial executor that goes into the 
map and cleans out its own entry. Since you're executing serially it 
will execute once everything else has finished.


  interface StripedRunner {
       Object getKey(); // anything that can be used as a key in a map
       Runnable getRunnable();

and this:

public class PerKeyExecutor {
   private final mMap<Object, Executor> mExecutors = new HashMap<>();
   private static final Executor mThreadCache =
       new ThreadPoolExecutor( 5, Integer.MAX_VALUE, 60L,
                             new SynchronousQueue<Runnable>() )

   public synchronized void execute( StripedRunner runnable ) {
     Executor executor = mExecutors.get( runnable.getKey() );
     if ( executor == null ) {
       mExecutors.put( runnble.getKey(), createExecutor() );
       executor = mExecutors.get( runnable.getKey() );
     executor.execute( runnable.getRunnable() );

   private Executor createExecutor() {
       * create a wrapper that bounds the number of
       * runnables executing at once to 1
     return new BoundedExecutor( 1, mThreadCache );

   // clean-up methods omitted

do this:

public class PerKeyExecutor {

   public void cleanUp( final Object key ) {
     execute( new StripedRunner() {
       Object getKey() { return key; }
       Runnable getRunnable() {
         dieDieDie( key );
     } );

   private synchronized void dieDieDie( Object key ) {
     mExecutors.remove( key );

You can also create a special "please clean me up" StripedRunner 
instance if you really want to pass an Executor :

Runnable remeberMeForLater = PerKeyExecutor.createCleanUpRunnable();

Combine this with a stripe and it will clean up the BoundedExecutor.

- Andrew


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