[concurrency-interest] synchronization based on a key

bhm bheem at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 24 10:22:37 EDT 2012

I have a method that needs to be synchronized based on a key passed as
parameter, that is, for same key multiple threads shouldn't be
running. Following is what I did--

static final ConcurrentMap<String,Boolean> IN_PROGRESS =
   new ConcurrentHashMap<String,Boolean>();

void foo(String key){
    if(null == IN_PROGRESS.putIfAbsent(key, Boolean.TRUE)){
      // no other thread is processing this key
          // process this key
      } finally {
         // done with processing this key
    } else {
      // some other thread is running this key, discard it

this works if I need to discard the request to process the key from
thread t1 when another thread, t2, is processing that key.

I need help to do following-
make thread t1 wait while t2 is processing the key and resume t1 when
t2 is finish processing same key.

I'm aware that if there are multiple threads t1,t3,t4.. etc waiting
for t2 to finish anyone of these thread can wake up and start
processing the key irrespective of their order (if there is any) of
asking to process the key.

Thanks for help.


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