[concurrency-interest] ReentrantLock bug?

David Holmes davidcholmes at aapt.net.au
Thu Mar 19 20:56:17 EDT 2015

StackOverflow is know to cause the ReentrantLock to be left in an invalid
state whereby it appears locked but is not. This can lead to hangs during
classloading due to the use of ConcurrentHashMap for maintaining the
classloading locks. The CHM implementation was changed (CHMv8) to use
synchronized instead of ReentrantLock, and so this classloader issue does
not affect JDK 8 or later. But of course ReentrantLock itself is still
affected by this problem.

There were some other fixes in the low-level park/unpark code that went into
7u40 (8004902) but they were found by code inspection not by anyone
encountering the actual bug - as far as we know.

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  I doubt it's one of those conditions.
  I would expect the process to die but it's perfectly fine otherwise. Due
to this issue it looks like a deadlocked process

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    I typically observe 'invalid' state of ReentrantLock due to

    Can you try your application with extended stack size and/or check for

    Vladimir Sitnikov
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