[concurrency-interest] ForkJoinPool cap on number of threads

Luke Sandberg lukeisandberg at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 15:35:32 EDT 2015

I'm trying to use ForkJoinPool and I am concerned that the maximum number
of threads it will create is capped at 32767.  Whereas I would like to set
a much lower cap (4-16).

You can configure the FJP with a target parallelism but i don't know if it
is possible to actually put a cap on the max parallelism.

In my specific case i will just be using it as an ExecutorService
(basically execute() and shutdown()) with the 'asyncMode' bit set to
'true', and will _not_ be using the Fork/Join framework.  (I want to see if
my application can get better performanced via decreased contention and
better cache locality).  Based on my reading of the docs i think this means
that it will not create any compensating threads since i would not be using
the managed blocking facilities.

Does anyone have any experience with using this in production?  I am
concerned that 'compensating' threads could cause my servers to run out of
memory for thread stacks (at 1MB a piece they aren't cheap)' and my
applications run in a shared hosting environment with strict caps on per
process ram usage (If i go over my reservation, my server will be killed).
Currently, we manage this with ThreadPoolExecutor by exposing our maxSizes
to our configuration and using that to set reservations.

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